Foundation & History

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Foundation & History

The associations of the subordinate service of engineers is perhaps the oldest association in India. This was constituted to safeguard the interest of the subordinate engineers in the then Bombay province in the colonial era. This province includes Gujarat, Karnataka, Sindh (Now in Pakistan) and Maharashatra at that time. Since 1906 A.D. the subordinate engineers (Both graduate and Non graduate) use to meet annually at Nashik/Pune citieis to discuss their problems and measures to solve them and act according to the decision in these meets. Problem is the mother of the association is an universal truth and the same was proved here. They felt a strong will for the united joint efforts but could not form the association for some or the other reasons till 1918. The active and enthusiastic members have decided to overcome this lacuna and formed the body titled as “Lower Subordinate Central Association” in the year 1919 duly forming the ad hock body and started working under its banner. Being the vast spread jurisdiction the general body meeting of the members could be convened in the year 1920 at Pune and the regular work of this elected body started. The honor of first president and secretary general goes to Er. R.H. mehendale and Er. B.A. Mainkar respectively.

Consequence upon the reorganization of the Public Works Department of the state, the designation of the Sub-Overseer was changed to overseer in the year 1926 and this cadre was comprising of both the graduates and non graduated too.

After the introduction of the reorganization rules of the associations in the year 1931 the association was recognized by the British rulers vide Govt. Resolution Finance Deptt. No 9038 Dated 18th Aug 1931, Subsequently in the run of time and accordingly to  modified rules the association was re recognized by the Maharashtra Govt. vide Gen.Adm Deptt. Resolution No RGA 1068 J.Dated 25th March 1968 with the title as The Association Of The Subordinate Service Of Engineers’ and popularly known as Kanistha Abhiyanta Sanghatana in Marathi which is still continued.

The initial formation member strength was a meager 600 with a yearly membership of Rs.3 only. At present nearly 6000 members are on roll with 2700 life members. The annual subscription is Rs 200 and Life membership is Rs. 2000 at present. This is the main resource of the income from all the expenses are met up. Lucrative fixed Deposits in the bank also strengthens the financial position.

The central office of the association was established at Nashik on the 15th Aug 1970 in the private premises which was shifted to own building in the year 1993. The association publishes. Its monthly magazine ”Abhiyanta Varta” since 1974 and this voice is continuously and regularly echoed without any  break in the span of last 38 years. Only tenure membership for 10 years is available for Rs. 1000 only.  Annual engineering diary is also supplied to the member from the year 1963 free of cost and this expenditure is met from the advertisements collected by the members.

The work of the association is multi dimensional and vast. It felt very grave need of full time worker and as such decided to avail the full time services of some of the officials. To cope up this need, the full-time services of secretary general and or organizing secretary were taken on deputation from the Govt. as required by association. this is a unique example for the engineering associations in the nation. Their salary and expenditure is totally born by the association. The full time deputation tenures are also the highest records in history of any association in India.

This able leadership was strongly supported by the team of managing committee. There were only 12 members in managing committee in 1950. Now at present there are 62 members.

As the result of the efforts the associations never look back in the matter of redressal of the problems & grievances and improvements in the service conditions. Some of the notable achievements are listed below:

  • Re absorption of retrenched Jr. Engineers at several occasions numbering from 50 to 500
  • Achieving pay scales of members on higher side at all times compared to their counter parts in the Union Govt.
  • Gazetted status (class II, Group B) to Jr. Engineer on completion of their 5 years service. W.e.f. 1-4-1981
  • Elevation of pay scales & Status of all Engg. Cadres.
  • Only engineer secretary in PWD and water resources deptt. No. I.A.S. secretaries. This is the only example in the nation.
  • Introduction of annual Adarsh Abhiyanta Awards to meritorious in service Engineers by the govt.
  • Implementation of various beneficial allowances specially attendance allowance in lieu of attendance. Formation of circle level grievances committee only for Jr. Engineers.
  • Implementation of A.C.P. scheme with promotional post pay scale.
  • Accelerating the promotion of diploma engineers in the departments.


These are few examples and not exhaustive :

Besides looking for the prosperity of the members, the able leadership was very keen to have a united apex body of all associations in India. Steps were taken in this direction and was loudly responded by the leaders of other states. First convention was called at Nagpur in the year 1948 which was attended by 9 to 10 state diploma Engineers Association leaders from all parts of India. An apex federation titled ‘All India federation Of Sub engineers’ was formed therein. Er. V.K.Bapat of Maharasthtra was elected as its first chairman unanimously who graced the chair from 1949 to 1957. This federation is called now  “All India Federation of Diploma Engineers”

Many other leaders of this association have graced the prestigious position in AIFODE and contributed their best for its service. To name some of them are Er. K.R.Bidkar, Er.P.L.Kolhe,Er.S.C.Raje and others. This association always rose to every call of AIFODE by want of money or man power. Some of the events are silver jubilee function, preparation of memorandum for Vth and VIth pay commission, SAARC Diploma Engineers Federations conventions abroad etc.

Service Conditions:

The association has given a lot of things to the Diploma Engineers after struggle with the state government of Maharashtra state. Some of the big achievements are as under:

1.      Recruitment: At subordinate level- As a junior engineer 75% of total cadre strength and degree holders are 25%.

2.      Promotions: (A) 1st promotion as sub-divl. Officer after 8 years service 33% quota to Diploma Engineer.

                             (B) Second promotion as Executive engineer after 10 years service as Sub-Divisional    

                                  Officer. 10% quota to Diploma Engineers.

3.      Pay scale : (A) Bhole pay commission (1.4.1976 to 31.12.1985) :Junior Engineer - Rs 395-950 from

                            1.4.1981  Junior Engineer after completing the service of 5 years was upgraded to the post of  

                             sectional   engineer in the pay scale of Rs. 600-950 equivalent to Graduate Engineers A.E II.

                            (B) 4th pay commission (1.1.1986 to 31.12.1995) Junior Engineer : Rs. 1640-2900, sectional

                              engineer: Rs 2000-3200, sub-divisional engineers : Rs 2000-3500.

                             (C) 5th pay commission:  1.1.1996 onwards. Junior Engr: Rs 5500-9000, sectional engineer Rs.

                             6500-10500, Sub  Divisional Engineers : Rs. 8000-13500.

                              (D) 6th pay commission : 2006 on words. Junior Engineer Pay band PBII Rs 9300-34800 Grade

                              Pay 4300, after 5 years service Junior Engineer Upgraded to  Sectional Engineer pay band - PBII

                              Rs 9000-34800 Grade Pay 4400. Sub Divisinal Officer pay band PBIII Rs 15600-39100

                              Grade  pay 5400, Executive Engineer - Pay band PBIII Rs 15600-39100 Grade Pay 6600.


  1. Upgradation to gazetted status after completion of 5 years of service of Junior Engineer as Sectional Engineer with higher pay scale w.e.f. 1.4.1981
  2. The 4th Pay scale equivalence committee recommended the pay scale – Jr. Engineer : Rs. 1400 – 2300, sectional Engineer : Rs 1640- 2900. The association achieved pre-revised pay scale : Junior Engineer: Rs 1400-2900, sectional Engineer : Rs. 2000-3200.
  3. The 5th pay scale equivalence committee recommended the pay scale : Junior Engineer : Rs 5000-8000, sectional engineer: Rs. 5500-9000.

The association after a strong struggle achieved pre-revised pay scale: Junior Engineer: Rs. 5500-9000, sectional Engineer : Rs 6500-10500

The state Government neglected the A.C.P. to the gazetted staff. The diploma Engineers being gazetted officers after 5 years were not getting A.C.P. Association took this issue with Gazetted officers association in Maharashtra and with effect from 1.8.2001, the sectional engineer and sub divisional Officers were made eligible for getting promotional posts pay scale. With this achievement those senior engineers who were not getting functional promotion started getting promotional posts pay scale after 12 years of service and the stagnation in pay slab is now released.

The general body meeting of the association is called after every two years where the president, vice president, general secretary, electrical, mechanical representative and 9 zonal secretaries are elected. District secretaries are elected by the concerned district members

This strong association is an important constituent of the apex AIFODE. The association is flourishing and so is AIFODE. We dream the international federation of diploma engineers to be formed in near future and as such many, many best wishes for the rapid progress if the association, the AIFODE and the rising sun SAARC DIPLOMA ENGINEERS FEDERATION who will fulfill our aims.